Saturday, 10 August 2013

Night-Soil Treasures

Night-Soil Treasures found at Dunham
We have finally 'finished' all the weeding and earthing-up that we are going to do on our crop of heritage potatoes at Dunham Massey...well, we've done as much as we can for now...leaving one un-weeded row as an experiment! (that's our excuse!)
As we have been working we have uncovered evidence of the former practice of night-soil distribution to the farms around Manchester...
fascinating...We are hoping to engage someone from the museum to  find out more about them.

Volunteers from Kindling's Land Army

The potatoes were bought from Carroll's Heritage Potatoes in Northumberland and look fantastic at the moment The  variety is Royal Kidney 1899.

Many thanks to Corinna, Craig and Margaret who helped on the field yesterday...a really enjoyable day's work.

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