Wednesday, 7 August 2013

From the Salt Mines' Deep Store - exploring the County Record Office archives

Bridgewater Canal Toll Traffic archives
Yesterday we visited the County Record Office on Marshall Street to explore the information contained in two large leather bound books which  recorded the Toll Traffic on the Bridgewater Canal from 1928 - 1934.
The careful, beautifully handwritten, entries show the amounts of' 'night-soil and sweepings' that were transported by Salford Corporation barge from Wilburn Street to places like the wharf at Dr. White's Bridge in Sale, where it would have been taken by market gardeners and farmers to be spread on the land as fertiliser.
In 1930, 30 tons of manure from Castlefield was delivered in March to Dunham by W. Bryan Senior and in Sept, 35 tons...the Bridgewater Estate didn't charge for the transport of manure...the removal of horse manure from the streets was a big issue then.
Interestingly, the records don't show the reputed return of vegetables to more detective work needed!...
Anyone interested in joining in with the research...please email me...fiona 'at'

These books also show the traffic from Liverpool...mostly hefty dried goods...the  list  is fascinating:

In 1928; Jas. Thomas transports Tapioca flour, Peas, Sago flour, 35 tons of  Rice, 5 tons of Shumac, 10,115 tons of Sugar to Castlefield, Lard for the Kilvert's and things like 20 tons of Hemp.

I've yet to find potatoes!

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