Thursday, 5 December 2013

Oral History with children of Local Primary School at Dunham Massey.

In addition to the performance, children of Oldfield Brow School also had a chat to Ron Hutchinson (who was born in Dunham Massey) about how he and other children used to harvest potatoes at the local farms in the school holidays.
Gina and Ron Hutchinson enthral the children with fascinating tales of  'the privvy'

Ron was born at Brook Cottage and told horrifying (!) tales of having to go to the privvy on cold wet, black nights!
We will transcribe the tales and put them here as soon as possible.

Gina's wonderful collection and display of
agricultural life in Dunham Massey

Many thanks too to Gina who brought along her collection of local photos...which help put the stories into perspective.

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