Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A barrow for the potatoes?

Stories from the Oxnoble pub about the potatoes being barrowed from the waterside up to campfield or other local Potato markets led me to think...
could I get one for our event on Saturday?
Market traders Church St. and Tib St
Found Norma at McCalls on Church Street... the last stall trading outside there.
Norma generously shared the photos above...but no news of a market barrow.
Were these the same kind of barrows as those that were pushed through the streets on a Sunday in Audenshaw and Droylesden from Ashton Moss to the cry of  'Celery!, Moss Celery!'?

When I was copying this picture in the Arndale Centre, a young woman exclaimed...'Oh! Is that Italy?...We trade like that!"

Contacted Castlefield Residents Association about the event on Saturday...to ask if anyone had researched (or remembered) activity relating to Potato Wharf and our food heritage.
Got in touch with Cllr Joan Davies who has been really helpful...I asked her if she knew anyone with a barrow (I had remembered them, from student days, up near Tib Street) She put me in touch with Cllr. Carmine Grimshaw, a former market trader on Church Street...
well! fantastic...he has an old barrow in need of a bit of restoration and then we could borrow it!...How kind is that!?

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